Solar Friendly Communities Designation Pathway

SolSmart-SFC Reciprocity Flyer.png

Prerequisite Requirements

Solar Friendly Communities - along with all SolSmart participants - must complete certain prerequisite actions to achieve their desired level of SolSmart designation. Upon review of the actions completed by Solar Friendly Communities, it appears that all necessary prerequisites were achieved to allow for designation at the same level in SolSmart. If a community has altered its policies and no longer meets the necessary prerequisites, however, SolSmart will not provide an equivalent level of designation to that community. SolSmart and COSEIA staff can provide communities with no-cost technical assistance to rectify the issue and help achieve the desired level of SolSmart designation. Here are the relevant prerequisites for each level of SolSmart designation:

  1. Submit a Solar Statement
  2. Create and make available an online checklist detailing the steps of your community's solar PV permitting process.
  3. Review zoning requirements and identify restrictions that intentionally or unintentionally prohibit solar PV development. Compile findings in a memo.
  1. Allow accessory use solar PV by right in all major zones.
  2. Provide cross-training of inspection and permitting staff on solar PV via in-person or online resources. Training must have occurred within the past five years.
  1. Provide a streamlined permitting pathway for small solar PV systems with turn-around time of no more than 3 days.